ISI Essential Science Indicators (ESI)

Published on
January 12, 2005

The ESI database is one of three citation-analysis products of ISI, subscribed to by Wageningen UR Library. ESI offers the possibility of putting the number of citations from articles into perspective, from the average number of citations from an article from a certain year on a certain discipline. Is an article above, or below standard as far as scientific impact is concerned? This is done using the baselines given in ESI for 22 scientific disciplines. In addition ESI can be used to analyse the best countries, institutes or scientists in a certain discipline. It is thus quickly seen that Wageningen UR is in the top five in the world qua number of publications and citations in three scientific disciplines, i.e. Agricultural Sciences, Plant & Animal Science and Environment/Ecology. It is important to realise here that in the ESI database only publication and citation data of the last ten years are analysed.

    (newsletter 6-2005)