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Improved fish products for Indonesian consumers: Netherlands-Indonesian partnership

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24 april 2014

Indonesia and The Netherlands are starting joint projects for improved and safer fish products for millions of Indonesian consumers.

This partnership was announced at the second day of the Global Ocean Actions Summit in The Hague. Total value of the joint projects is 4,5 million euros.

Sharon Dijksma, Minister for Agriculture, The Netherlands: "Far too much fish gets wasted worldwide due to lack of knowledge of storage and cooling techniques. Needless waste of good food out of the ocean. This urges for action now, starting today. We are going to work together and invest knowledge to improve fish products for consumers."

Specialists from Wageningen University & Research centre and their Indonesian colleagues will cooperate on project locations on Kalimantan, Sumatra, Java and a smaller project on Ambon as well.

Goal of the projects is to ensure safe and high-qualitative fish products and its availability for internal markets and possibly export. The projects will run till end of 2016.