Improvements in Wageningen Desktop Library

Published on
July 29, 2005

The LiIBQUAL survey held last year showed that Wageningen Desktop Library scored an ample "sufficient" among the users, but also that there were still wishes, especially among students. In order to get more insight into these wishes two discussion evenings were organised with students with an independent discussion leader.

These meetings yielded a mine of information about the use of the digital library and the problems the student are facing. It turned out that many possibilities the Desktop Library offers, for instance the possiblity to read electronic journals at home, were not used, because they were not known.

It was positive to find that the students were quite content with the Catalogue's interface, which, in the students' opinion, is clear and easy to understand and there was no need for change.

The Library has followed up the user survey and the students' meetings with two actions. First of all a number of changes were executed in the Desktop library in mid July:

  • In the first page the buttons Portals and Shortcuts switched places and to the My Library button was added the text "login"
  • The layout of the page Shortcuts was improved. You may now ask for a list of Shortcuts per type of source (bibliographic databases, library catalogues, etc.)
  • The section Portals was provided with more navigation and the Virtual Reference Desk was added as a seventh portal
  • In Services the texts were rewritten and information was added about authors' copyright and how to obtain a ISBN number
  • A help function was added, with answers to frequently asked questions.

Further improvement is being worked on. Shortly, for instance, you can search various databases at the same time. In the new study year more attiontion will be paid to giving information about the use of Wageningen Desktop Library during  open house meetings. See the course programs.

(newsletter 8-2005)