In the spotlight: Animal portfolio

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3 november 2016

Every month an article will be posted by the director or a programme manager of Wageningen Academy, in order to explain their work and portfolio. Maarten van Rees, programme mamaner Animal writes about the role of Wageningen Academy and the different fields of expertise involved.

Animal portfolio

Wageningen Academy translates knowledge from Wageningen University and Research towards applicable knowledge for professionals. Within the portfolio Animal, all the disciplines of Animal Sciences are included. This means for example all the experts that contribute to the education for professionals, like those who work within one of the twelve chair groups of Animal Sciences. These chair groups educate BSc and MSc students and conduct fundamental research, which often leads to world leading results; the basis for “Today’s knowledge, tomorrow’s business”. Besides the chair groups, Wageningen University and Research has several Research disciplines which also relate to the domain Animal, such as Livestock Research, Wageningen Economic Research and Wageningen Bioveterinary Research. These departments conduct fundamental and applied research focusing on practical implications; also very important in educating professionals.

This brief overview already indicates that Wageningen University and Research has plenty of knowledge to share for professionals. My task is to establish a good connection between professionals on one hand and knowledge from Wageningen University and Research on the other hand. In this manner, Wageningen Academy aims to be a good and constructive partner in Life-long learning for professionals.

Today's knowledge

How do we translate Today’s knowledge into tomorrow’s business? 

Wageningen Academy does this through various education forms, both nationally and internationally. For instance, we organize in-company courses, in which we offer tailor made programs that meet the specific knowledge demands within the company. Within the domain Animal, we currently execute this within Pharmaceutical - and Animal Feed companies. In addition, we offer courses, both practically and scientifically, regarding animal nutrition (pets and livestock), intestinal health, immunology, physiology and business management. We also offer distance learning modules, summer schools, seminars and study visits. Overall, Wageningen Academy offers a broad spectrum of learning opportunities, in which the customer’ demand is leading to the type of program that we develop.

Who to approach and why?

Maarten is the programme manager Animal: "As a former Animal Science student, it is great to reconnect with colleagues on the Wageningen Campus. One of the pros of being a programme manager, is being closely linked to the department of Animal Sciences and to professionals working in this sector. My goal is to establish long-term cooperation’s between Wageningen Academy and Multinational Companies, in order to contribute to its business strategy of Life-long learning."

Do you have questions or suggestions? Please contact Maarten van Rees, programme manager Animal.