In the spotlight: Current & Future perspective Wageningen Academy

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5 april 2016

Every month an article will be posted by the director or a programme manager of Wageningen Academy, in order to explain their work and portfolio. Managing director Janine kicks off and writes about the role of Wageningen Academy from a current and future perspective.

Our offer

Wageningen Academy presents itself as the organizer of training courses for professionals in the agri and food sector, translating the theoretical academic “Wageningen knowledge” into practical knowledge. As managing director, I am proud of our current offerings: open enrollment courses, in-company programs and study visits, but also distance learning programs and summer schools. Our courses are high ranked by our participants, both on content and execution. The high quality standard is of paramount importance!

Wageningen Academy focuses on training courses for professionals working in the agricultural and food sector, where the typical “Wageningen knowledge” is so valuable. Subject-specific courses such as animal nutrition, plant breeding, and EU policy are examples of open enrollment courses we offer. Wageningen Academy focuses on translating academic knowledge into practical knowhow, by providing programs which cover both.

Future perspective

Wageningen Academy signals an increase in demand from executives to be able to learn from “Wageningen knowledge.” Wageningen Academy already developed  programs for this target group, for example an executive course "global leadership in horticultural business." The Seminar “Topdebat” and the “Wageningen World Seminar (formerly called European Food and Agribusiness Seminar)” are other programs developed for  executives. In the future Wageningen Academy will organize more and more tailor-made programs for executives both in Europe,  Africa and China. Currently we are exploring collaboration with business schools at home and abroad to shape these programs. In this way we want to serve our worldwide alumni and affiliates operating in the agri & food domain with a high-quality range of Wageningen knowledge.

(Young) professional, executive or senior executive can learn from the programs offered by Wageningen Academy –especially in the agricultural & food domain. Our purpose is to support  professionals in their development and share the “Wageningen knowledge.” Today's knowledge; Tomorrow's business! "

Janine in conversation with a Chinees customer, discussing an incompany program.