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In the spotlight: Policy & Markets domain

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2 mei 2016

Every month an article will be posted by the director or a programme manager of Wageningen Academy, in order to explain their work and portfolio. This month Liesbeth, programme manager Policy & markets will elaborate on her portfolio: Her personal affinity with the subject, developments in the agenda and challenges.

Liesbeth, the programme manager

Time flies so fast! I'm already two and a half year the programme manager of the domain of Policy & markets programs at Wageningen Academy. After finishing my studies 'Leisure, Tourism and Environment at Wageningen University, I never imagined that I would remain attached to Wageningen UR. My current job seems totally different from my education. But nothing is less true. The reason why I started studying tourism is my curiosity about countries, people, cultures and ways of thinking. As a programme manager in the domain of Policy & markets I can continue my curiosity for and interest in those topics. It offers me the opportunity to come in contact with - and learn more about various social issues, cultures and gaps between science and society.

Policy & markets courses

In addition to offering the existing courses such as WTO and EU policy, we are also busy developing new programs. For example, for this autumn the course 'healthy temptation out-of-home’ is planned. This course will look at how we can encourage healthy consumer behavior. Book November 17 in your diary! These are Dutch courses. In the area of ​​finance, we are working on developing a new program as well. In this program, participants will learn more about the possibilities of alternative financing. Interesting aspect of this course is that participants will get the opportunity to work and create an alternative financing for their own business, so that they can apply in practice what they learned immediately.


The entire process, from the start with an idea to the ending of a successful program is a challenge, every time. What is happening in the market? How can we translate the knowledge into a program? Which topics do we deal with? How do we put the course in the market? These are just a few questions that show the versatility of my work. The collaboration with Wageningen UR colleagues (teachers), business and government is crucial for the development of a successful program. If participants are going home satisfied, having learned a lot, than I am feeling very content and pleased.

Liesbeth at the Campus, during a Study visit