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In the spotlight: (executive) Seminars & Events Wageningen Academy

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1 juni 2016

Every month an article will be posted, written by the director or a programme manager of Wageningen Academy, in order to explain their work and portfolio. This month Denise Spiekerman, programme manager (executive) seminars and events, will elaborate on her portfolio: why, how and what to expect in the future.

Why seminars and events programs?

Under the title (executive) seminars and events Wageningen Academy responds to the demands of (international)companies to obtain Wageningen knowledge, but also to a broader  overview of the entire Dutch agri-food sector (the Dutch success story of the golden triangle; business - knowledge institution - government). Through targeted programs, such as study visits, experience tours, executive seminars, public events and in-company programs customized content is offered, often in cooperation with (international) partners.

Customized Programs

Programme manager Denise Spiekerman is the right person when it comes to customized programs offered by Wageningen Academy. "AI always begin with a consult, in order to find out the wishes and requests of the client. On that basis I will propose a suitable program,  containing lectures from Wageningen experts and relevant business or site visits. This combination fits perfectly with the mission of Wageningen Academy "Today's knowledge, tomorrow's business”;  Translating knowledge into business practice. Some examples of recently developed customized programs are; promotion of the Dutch sector (Experience the success of the Dutch Agri & Food sector, a value-chain approach)for the top of the Chinese agrifood companies, an experience program of the Dutch Dairy Chain for Chinese farmers, a knowledge and experience program for the province Wakayama (Japan) in the field of elderly care and food in relation to the functionality of the brain; and a program in the field of precision agriculture and irrigation for a group of engineers from India. Wageningen Academy notices a growth in demand for these customized programs. An opportunity that I very much look forward to continue to work on!.”

Growing demand for executive programs

Amongst (senior) executives Wageningen Academy signals a growing demand for seminars and events specifically developed for this target group. Wageningen Academy already offers a number of executive programs in which Denise Spiekerman is engaged, such as the Wageningen World Executive Seminar (formerly European Food & Agribusiness Seminar) for CEOs worldwide and the annual Topdebate, a platform for the Dutch top. In addition, Wageningen Academy is currently developing several new programs for executives. The first programs are expected to be ready next year. "Developing new executive programs is challenging," according to Denise. "By developing these programs Wageningen Academy will be able to support (senior) executives with programs that address their specific questions and wishes."

Denise Spiekerman would like to get in touch with you, if you are having  questions and wishes regarding Wageningen UR knowledge, in order to be able to help in the creation of a specific programme.

Denise Spiekerman,  Campus Wageningen UR, study visit programme