Inaugural lecture Jan van Tatenhove, Honorary Professor at Queen's University in Belfast

Published on
March 30, 2016

For his new position as Honorary Professor at the School of Planning Architecture and Civil Engineering at Queen's University of Belfast, Prof. Jan van Tatenhove will dedicate his inaugural lecture on April, 27th of 2016, to Transboundary Marine Spatial Planning, a reflective marine governance experiment?

In his lecture, Prof. Van Tatenhove will consider the tension between the natural interconnections of the physical nature of marine areas and the fragmented way in which they are regulated. This is increasingly demanding novel transboundary approaches to marine governance, yet which face significant institutional and conceptual challenges. In this lecture, Prof. Van Tatenhove will set out the nature of these challenges and propose how they could be addressed. He will focus particularly on the prospects of developing "Transboundary Marine Spatial Planning" (TMSP), within the networked polity of regional seas. The lecture will explore the reflexive governance potential of TMSP and critically review the possibilities of actors to challenge dominant discourses and to change the rules of the game in the implementation of transboundary planning.