Incompany course on feed manufacturing for FOSS (Denmark)    

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5 oktober 2015

From 21 until 23 September 2015, employees of the Danish company FOSS visited the Wageningen University campus for a 2 days training on feed manufacturing processes. FOSS, based in Denmark, is an international oriented company that manufactures and provides analytical solutions for the food and feed industry.

FOSS contacted Wageningen Academy earlier this year since the company was looking for opportunities to develop a customized training for their sales personal. The purpose of the training was to increase their understanding of feed manufacturing process(es) and to optimize communications with customers in order to inspire them to improve their business through better control of processes.

Based on this request, Wageningen Academy developed a two day programme in cooperation with feed manufacturing expert Dr Thomas van de Poel. The third day of the course was provided by trainers of FOSS itself. The course took place in Wageningen, at the campus of Wageningen University. The programme included topics like diet formulation, ingredient processing and linear programming. Participants were able to experience feed processing in practice, since a part of the training was held in the CARUS process hall of Wageningen University. FOSS brought some of their own analytical equipment to use during the experiments.

The 19 international participants appreciated the interactive and hands-on approach of the course. Since the course was tailor-made for FOSS, they were able to do specific tests that were very relevant for their day-to-day business.

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