Information Literacy appreciated

Published on
March 23, 2005

For several years Wageningen UR Library, in cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Competence Studies (ECS), has been taking care of the subject, Information Literacy. Due to the growing amount of information available via the many sources offered by the Library and via search engines on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make a choice as to which information should be searched and how that information can be evaluated for usability and quality. Amongst other things, the objectives of Information Literacy are:

  • to learn about Library sources such as Wageningen Catalogue and bibliographic databases
  • to be able to apply the correct search techniques
  • to become more skilled in assessing the quality of Internet sources and evaluating the information found.

The subject Information Literacy is offered in the electronic study environment Blackboard and is made up of a number of modules and learning units. An information specialist presents an introductory lecture and subsequently guides the students through their modules. The students are also required to perform an assignment in a physical library. The course is concluded with a test or project, which puts into practice what has been learnt.
Information Literacy fulfills a need (this is also seen in the results from the LibQUAL+™ -Questionnaire) and is much appreciated by the students. Information Literacy must be included in all Bachelors and Masters courses, 2005/2006, at Wageningen University. In cooperation with the Faculty of Education and Competence Studies, teaching coordinators of the various courses will be approached. The content and objective of the subject will be explained and the possibilities of including the course in the curriculum will be examined, so that full competence can be achieved. An Information Literacy course for PhDs is also being considered.

(newsletter 1-2005)