Information literacy innovation for Nutrition and Health

Published on
May 21, 2015

The Wageningen UR Library has been awarded a grant for its information literacy course for Nutrition and Health students. In the course pilot, the Library will use the ‘flipped classroom’ concept.

In a flipped classroom students prepare the instructional content at home. In class they focus on discussions and group work. Before the start of the in-class activities, students are tested on their knowledge. Lectures will be given on the concepts that seemed most difficult.

The 'flipped classroom' concept is part of the Team-Based Learning (TBL) approach. This method is used to create a motivational framework in which students prepare well, work in teams to discuss specific problems, and learn from each other through immediate feedback. TBL is designed for large teams and is therefore applicable to the growing student numbers at Wageningen UR.

The Educational Staff Support of Wageningen UR Library opened a call for education innovation proposals in March 2015. The proposal was approved by Wageningen University's Executive Board on 18 May.