Ingrid Boas joins the Wageningen Young Academy

Published on
April 5, 2019

Together with Maarten Voors from DEC, Ingrid Boas from ENP has been selected from SSG as new members to join the Wageningen Young Academy (WYA). The WYA is a group of talented researchers from the different science groups aiming to inspire current and future scientists; to advise scientific and political debates at the university; to create links with (inter)national inspiring eminent scientists; and to communicate science to society. On 4 April 2019 Ingrid joined for the first time. This was a WYA event with the rector magnificus Arthur Mol discussing strategic matters, such as support for personal grant writing and the implications of open access publishing for the quality and accessibility of science. Ingrid is in particular keen to help support WYA’s efforts that aim to ensure that strategic decision-making in the WUR or in the Netherlands more broadly is reflective of our daily work and is indeed supporting the quality of research and education.

The website of WYA can be found here.