Input stakeholders needed to develop mission ‘Make all soils healthy again’

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21 augustus 2020

The EC mission board ‘Soil Health and Food’ asks for input from stakeholders to develop the mission ‘Make all soils healthy again’.

The European Commission is working on the new Framework Programme Horizon Europe, which will run from 2021-2027. One of the novel approaches within Horizon Europe are the so-called missions which will a part of Horizon Europe programming. The EC set up 5 mission boards to further develop the missions. One of the mission boards is the mission board on ‘Soil health and Food’ chaired by Prof. Cees Veerman and with Prof. Johan Bouma as member.

Seeking input

The mission board is now seeking for input from relevant stakeholders all over Europe to finalise their mission. Cees Veerman and Johan Bouma made a video in which they explain the main ideas and focus of the foreseen mission:

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They also ask for input which can be send to:

Your input will be used to finalise the mission.