Integrating agricultural data in Japan

Published on
November 12, 2015

In Japan there is a long tradition of awareness of the importance of data, including agricultural data.

Several government agencies take responsibility, like the Cabinet Secretariat, as well as a specialized office for information and communication technology, and various ministries including the miniostry of agriculture. There is a "Metbroker” to integrate meteorological data in other environments, as well as an Agricultural  Information Service on Modelling and Scenario Simulation. The are several Farm Management Information Service Systems in use, most of them from commercial providers like IBM and Fujitsu. They are referred to as “agricultural clouds” or “smart clouds”. There is now an effort under way to develop an exchange standard for farm data, FIX-pms.  For further information see this presentation by Prof. Seishi Ninomiya of the Universty of Tokio.