Intercultural Communication for Academics for Development

Published on
February 8, 2019

Academics for Development (AFD) is a young and enthusiastic non-profit organization of students which aims to give students the opportunity to enrich themselves and have durable social impact through a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural entrepreneurial experience in developing countries.

The Dutch branch is located in Utrecht, but serves students from various Dutch universities. On 28 January 2019 Dine Brinkman offered a workshop on intercultural communication to the teams that will participate in the consulting projects this year. Three multidisciplinary teams of students will engage in projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia. Dine offered an introduction on culture and cultural frameworks and tailor made information on the cultural values of the three African countries. Together with basic information about culture shock this workshop was part of the preparation of the student teams for their stay abroad.

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