International Crop Science Award for Paul Struik

Published on
November 27, 2019

Paul Struik, professor of Crop Physiology of Wageningen University & Research, was awarded the International Crop Science Award 2019 by the Crop Science Society of America. This award is presented for outstanding contributions to agronomy.

The award is given to scientists who have contributed to long lasting changes in crop science at the international level. They must have shown evidence of credibility, integrity, and professionalism and impacted crop science in a foreign country. Paul was nominated for this award by Dr. Colin Khoury from the United States Department of Agriculture Research Station in Fort Collins, CO who is a former PhD candidate of Paul.

Paul is widely recognized for his research on potato physiology, modelling of photosynthesis, linking ecophysiology and genetics, and agrobiodiversity. Moreover, Paul keenly seeks synergy between natural and social sciences in much of his research, for example in relation to designing appropriate informal and formal seed systems. He has supervised more than 100 PhD candidates from more than 30 countries.