International market opportunities for Innovation and Demonstration Centre (IDC)


International market opportunities for Innovation and Demonstration Centre (IDC)

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24 september 2015

Several representatives within Greenport Westland-Oostland indicated in interviews that Innovation and Demonstration Centre (IDC) can play an important supporting role for the international activities of the Dutch greenhouse cluster. This should focus on demonstrating (new) technologies and methods of work and the exchange of knowledge. This can best be achieved by a 'IDC' to settle in foreign horticultural regions. This can take better account of local conditions (climate), issues and the technology and knowledge level.

Important points are a complete range of products and services (integrated approach), good cooperation between Dutch companies and possibly with a local party (because of access to land and network), a financially viable business plan and the location (at local partner / Dutch establishment or as a separate establishment).

The current IDC's (Energy, Water, LED, Taste, Digital Growing and Robotics) are located on the sites of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, the Improvement Centre and the Demokwekerij Westland and are already somewhat active internationally by receiving foreign visitors.

The study is part of the project Knowledge and Innovation IDC Westland-Oostland and was financed by Ministry of Economic Affairs, EU and the greenhouse industry.