HortiDaily High Tech Greenhouse Tour 2015, Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw, Bleiswijk


International vegetable growers explore Dutch innovations in Greenhouse Horticulture

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27 februari 2015

A big group of international growers, mainly vegetable growers, came to visit Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands on Wednesday 11th Feburay during the HortiDaily High Tech Greenhouse Tour 2015. The purpose of this two-day tour in the Netherlands was to look for innovations in horticulture and on the second day of that tour the growers visited Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture.

According to reseacher Flip van Noort the dicsussions during this tour were very very interesting and quite profound.

A report of this visit in pictures taken by HortiDaily.


The group visited the LED Demonstration and research compartment from Wageningen UR Glastuinbouw and Philips. A crop specialist is explaining the possibilities of this research modules with with, blue, red and far-red light.


At this compartment with diffuse glass, there was an extensive discussion about the possibilities and advantages of diffuse light and the do’s and don’ts when you want to get started.


The visitors gathered at a compartment with strawberry research. Four varieties are grown under different LED-combinations with the target on production and taste.


An overview picture from the technical corridor.


The group in a new greenhouse, a foil greenhouse. The greenhouse can be opened complete, but is in the same time fully equipped with heating, LED-light and growth on water (deep flow) with mainly lettuce.


The growth of algae. This was a saltwater algae grown for a red colorpigment.


Here Gerbera are grown under normal artificial light (high pressure sodium light), or LED light (last photo) or a combination (photo above).

Thanks to HortiDaily fot the use of the photo's.