Internship: Social and environmental risk of seaweed cultivation

Published on
March 23, 2017

The SOMOS project is looking for an intern to help identify social and environmental risk of large scale seaweed cultivation in different parts of the world. The intern is asked to undertake a desk-based inventory of risks and how they are dealt with in regulation. This review will then be supplemented by a case-study in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, or another large seaweed producing country. The internship includes the preparation for the case-study, including making arrangements, scheduling meetings and the like.

The SOMOS project is a partnership between Wageningen Research and TNO, with funding from the Lloyds Register Foundation. The project asks: what are the conditions for seaweed production to be safely and sustainably combined with other types of sustainable uses of the marine environment? As demand for marine plant production is rapidly increasing, there is a window of opportunity to establish good practices for safety in these multiple-use sites.

During the internship you will work with Dr. Sander van den Burg (Wageningen Economic Research) and be supervised by Simon Bush at ENP. The start date will preferably be in summer 2017. Results should be available November 2017. Costs for travel are covered and a monthly stipend is available.

You can find more information about the SOMOS project here.