Internship @ VictoryFarms in Kenya

Published on
April 20, 2017
Victory Farms aspires to be the most sustainable tilapia farm in the world, starting with building the core operation in Lake Victoria to
the largest in Africa. The Company will achieve this whilst maintaining the highest code of environmental and social standards.
Environmentally, animal protein consumption accounts for 10-25% of global CO2 (UNEP, 2012). We will actually sink carbon with
every fish we sell – turning the global order upside-down and essentially “leapfrogging” the Western model.
Socially, we want to create a fantastic environment for our employees. We want employees to have an opportunity to develop
professionally and personally. We want employees to feel safe, respected, and valued by both fellow staff and management. For
employees that are with VF for more than 1 year, we will make all these employees part of the Employee Partner Program, which
makes them a partner in VF and able to share in the upside growth of the company. Separately, HIV rates in riparian area is 50% or
higher; so VF is working with local partners to dramatically reduce the new infections rate through a cage outgrower program.

What is Victory Farms Looking for

Masters Interns

We would love to host 1-2 masters interns on the farm. We are building housing now and would be ready to support up to 2 interns from July 2017 onward.  We have a variety of rich and engaging projects for them to work on, as well as get a feel for what commercial scale tilapia farming is like (especially one that is adding 1000s MT production each year in a challenging environment).  

Polytechnic as Hires or Interns

We are also interested in meeting more technical, applied skill types, who may also be more job or career oriented. We can provide a very interesting experience to launch or build a career, with great professional growth opportunities.  

For more information about VictoryFarms, please see link or contact

Joseph Rehmann

Victory Farms

CEO, Founder

Kenyan mobile: +254 728 947 671