Internship opportunity at Facilities department of WageningenUR about energy provisioning on the campus

Published on
May 20, 2016

Green Match is a project of Green Office Wageningen. Our goal is to facilitate use of knowledge of Wageningen University researchers and students to make operations at Wageningen UR more sustainable. We offer students possibility to work on projects based on questions from Facility Services as a part of their internship, thesis and ACT or course assignment.

Wageningen University & Research is a modern and sustainable campus. Recently new buildings were built on the campus on a large scale and also the energy infrastructure has expanded significantly. In the future the energy provisioning at the campus should be optimalized, taking into account several aspects like sustainability, costs, supply and legislation. A number of developments to be considered are:

- smart girds and (sustainable) local energy supply
- use of emergey generators for optimal supply and possibly also peak-shaving
-future construction plans and the increasing electricifcation of energy (heat/cold storage, heat pumps)

The department of Reas Estate and Housing within the facilities service of the University is therefore looking for a student who could accompany them for 5/6 months to investigate the optimal future energy supply at the campus. The internship does not only address technical measures, but also policy choices to get a good overview.

The student should:

- be motivated
- have knowledge or be acquainted with electrical engineering and energy
- have knowledge or be acquainted with energy policy
- be accurate and result-oriented, have good commucative skills and be able to work independently.

We offer:

- an internship allowance (max. 295 euro monthly) and a laptop
- an educative working experience in a large organisation
- a pleasant working environment where you will learn how 'het nieuwe werken" works in practice
- supervision by the energy coordinator of Wageningen UR and a lot of possibilities to get introduced with other people, both inside and outside Wageningen UR, which will enrich your network.


For more information you can contact the energy coordinator Michiel van der Wal, 0317-483682,