Internship/thesis opportunity at Monterrey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch Programme

Published on
March 11, 2016

There is currently an opportunity for a thesis or internship student to work with the Monterrey Bay Aquarium SeafoodWatch Programme through their work on the Southeast Asian Shrimp Aquaculture Improvement Protocol (SEASIP).

SEASIP is a collaborative of Southeast Asian partners developing a set of standards specifically designed to develop more inclusive market-based eco-standards for shrimp production in the region.

There are a few opportunities under this programme – including:

1.    Testing their protocols and standards on farms in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

2.    Researching the possibility for small-holder group certification using SEASIP

3.    Assessing the programme itself to determine how SEASIP can better impact small holder inclusion into the US certified market, while maintaining a necessary level of impact as measured by Seafood Watch

The position also comes with funding, the level of which will be determined by the design of the specific project.

If you are interested please contact Simon Bush ( for more information.