Interview: Kris van Koppen nominated for Green Teacher awards

Published on
February 28, 2017

Source: Green Office Wageningen's award booklet

Last week Kris van Koppen, associate professor at the Environmental Policy Group was honoured with the ‘Green Teachers Awards 2017’ organized by Green Office Wageningen. The idea of the Green Teachers award is to recognize teachers working at Wageningen University who inspire students to think and act in a sustainable manner. Kris was nominated by his students as 1 of 7 teachers that deserves recognition for their valuable work.

Kris: ‘I like the fact that you have a price which puts different people in the spotlights. Being nominated for the Green Teacher Award is nice, but it won't change my course of action. For a long time already, I am interested in teaching and in the environment, so Green Teaching is something that I am involved for most of my life. For me it is important that people have an insight in the social - political dynamics around sustainability.’

Kris studied environmental sciences at Wageningen University. During his study, Kris was already very active with other things than school, for example theatre, music and ‘boerengroep’. After teaching at universities of applied sciences in Groningen and Deventer he went back to Wageningen for Western Sociology, which environmental policy originated from.

Kris teaches in Wageningen since 1992, but in 2005 - 2010 he was also appointed professor for nature and environmental education at Utrecht University. Meanwhile, Kris is also actively involved in other things: he is engaged in a nature experiencing programme for children (‘Het Bewaarde Land’), member of the expert committee of Natuurmonumenten and of the advisory board for nature and environment in Deventer, his hometown. Additionally he is part of the sustainability group at Leeuwenborch and he occasionally helps Green Office with their policy problems.