Interview Leo Nagelkerke @ Vroege Vogels: Spread of the Nile Perch

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15 juni 2015

Interview Leo Nagelkerke at Vroege Vogels about spread of the Nile perch.

The fishery in Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater fishery in the world. However, the declining Nile perch files led to concern about the sustainability of this fishery. Until now, little was known about what determines the spread of Nile perch, but Wageningen and Tanzanian researchers have now the details vary with the size of the Nile perch and the precise location in the lake; but all summed up it seems that Nile perch mainly occur in shallower waters and in places where the water temperature is higher. The Nile perch preferences to better understand this study can contribute to the sustainable management of fisheries in the long term.
For more information about this research, see the press release what has been published.

For more information read the press release or listen to the interview. (note that both are in Dutch)