Invitation Farewell

Published on
November 20, 2015

The Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University and the Director of Wageningen UR Animal Sciences are pleased to invite you to the farewell reception of the professor of the Animal Breeding and Genetics Group.

Prof. dr Johan van Arendonk has worked since 1985 with Wageningen University & Research in various positions in the field of animal breeding and genomics. He is Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics for 14 years and currently Head of the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre and Dean of Sciences. He will start on 1 January 2016 in a new position as head of R&D and a member of the management team of the animal breeding company Hendrix Genetics. We appreciate the contribution he has made to the development of Wageningen UR. The farewell reception will take place at 10 December 2015 from 15.30-18.00 hours, at the Zodiac building, De Elst 1, Wageningen, the Netherlands. You are cordially invited to join this reception.

Please leave your message for Johan

Please leave your message in the digital guestbook for the farewell of Johan van Arendonk. At the reception there will also be an opportunity to do so.