Invitation seminar ‘Opportunities for Conservation of Local Breeds’

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13 november 2014

9th December at Zodiac, Wageningen, 12-15 h.

In many countries local livestock breeds have been gradually replaced by specialized and more productive breeds, threatening unique features and functions to be lost. In this seminar opportunities and challenges will be discussed which could support the conservation and sustainable use of local livestock breeds.

For example, better marketing of local breed specific quality products or functions is an opportunity. Moreover, new modern genomic tools may be instrumental to support the genetic management and breeding programmes for local breeds. Scientists from France, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands will cover these topics.

The seminar will be co-organised by the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN), the Animal Breeding and Genomics Centre (ABGC), and Graduate School WIAS.

Language seminar English.

Following Myrthe Maurice-van Eijndhoven will defend her PhD: ‘Genetic variation of milk fatty acid composition between and within dairy cattle breeds’ at the Aula, Wageningen.


  • Etienne Verrier (Agro Paris Tech)  - Success-factors for development and marketing of local breed products
  • Peer Berg (Nordic Gene Bank Farm Animals) - Nordic approach and vision on conservation of local breeds 
  • Mario Calus (ABGC-Wageningen UR) - The potential of genomic selection to support local breed conservation
  • Jack Windig (CGN/ABGC-Wageningen UR) - Genetic conservation of local breeds – from science to practice
  • Bart Buitenhuis (Aarhus University) - Breeding for milk quality – opportunities for conservation of local breeds