JoVE: the first scientific video journal

Published on
February 18, 2015

Wageningen UR Library has recently subscribed to 2 journals from JoVe Science Education: JoVE general laboratory techniques and JoVE basic methods in cellular and molecular biology. JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) is the first peer-reviewed scientific video journal.

The videos can be used to give background information in courses. There are videos explaining how to work with a light microscope or a Bunsen burner as well as videos about complicated techniques such as the ELISA method, Western blot and molecular cloning.

JoVE general laboratory techniques: this video collection shows how to use standard laboratory equipment essential to many experiments as well as how to perform basic laboratory techniques.

JoVE basic methods in cellular and molecular biology
: this Science Education video collection demonstrates how to execute basic techniques used in cellular and molecular biology.

The Library already subscribes to 2 other JoVE journals:

Biology and Immunology and Infection.

We hope that these journals are a useful addition to our collection. Please tell us what you think of these journals. Your comments are always welcome.