Judith Floor presented her research findings in the newspaper FrieschDagblad

Published on
January 27, 2015

On 26 January the FrieschDagblad (in Dutch) published the opinion article “Benut alle kennis die je hebt voor het wad” that is written by Judith Floor together with Franke van der Molen from the university of Groningen.

In the article, they present the idea that different types of knowledge should be used to deal with the policy challenges of the Wadden Sea. To reduce frustrating, unrealistic expectations of knowledge uptake in decision-making have to be addressed. For this, more reflection and sharing of expectations by practitioners is necessary. To deal with the divers types of knowledge and values in this area a more structural approach is necessary to broaden the perception on relevant knowledge and prevent conflict at court. One way of doing this is through knowledge reviews.

This newspaper article is based on the collaborative effort of 5 PhD-researchers to engage their findings with the practitioners of the Wadden Sea area and provoke reflection and discussion. Their prospects for action (in Dutch) are presented in the booklet Van frustratie naar integratie.

The PDF of the newspaper article can be found here.