Judith Floor presented prospects for action at the Waddenacademie symposium

Published on
December 16, 2014

The collaboration of 5 PhD projects on science-policy interactions in the Dutch Wadden Sea area has resulted in prospects for action. On 10 December Judith Floor, together with Franke van der Molen from the university of Groningen, presented the result of the collaborative effort to engage their findings with the practitioners of the Wadden Sea area and provoke reflection and discussion.

Integration, learning and reflection were proposed as prospects for action, which are a way of thinking and acting that contributes to improved interactions between science and policy. To deal with problems of knowledge boundaries integrative concepts, integrative processes and integrative systems were proposed. To increase learning capacity, the strategy of adaptive management and the exchange of process  knowledge and experiential knowledge between different policy arena‚Äôs was suggested. Suggestions to reduce frustration were: reflection on the expectations of science-policy interactions, reflection on role perceptions and the approach of an organised dispute to deal with different knowledge expectations.

The PDF of the prospects for action (in Dutch) can be found here.

The presentation and discussion on 10 December 2014, Theme 2 Science-policy interactions (in English) can be found here.