Judith van Leeuwen published about stakeholder interactions for ecosystem-based management

Published on
December 10, 2014

ENP colleague Judith van Leeuwen, together with project partners , recently published and interdisciplinary paper on governance, and in particular on interaction with stakeholders, for ecosystem-based management in the journal Marine Policy.

This is an outcome of the EU FP7 project : Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management (ODEMM) in collaboration with the Centre for Marine Policy. The paper, entitled 'The interaction triangle as a tool for understanding stakeholder interactions in marine ecosystem-based management',discusses the importance of interaction between three stakeholder groups (decision makers, scientists, and other actors). Each management situation is different and requires an awareness of its context. In the paper is argued that choosing appropriate degrees of interaction between stakeholders in a transparent way can make ecosystem-based management more effective in terms of salience (=relevance), legitimacy, and credibility.

The PDF of the paper can be downloaded here.