Just launched: website containing all information about Dutch agriculture

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22 januari 2015 gives information about agricultural trade data, long-term developments in agricultural prices, sustainability indicators, income, farm animals, labour, soil use, crop protection and outdoor grazing. On this site LEI Wageningen UR presents relevant data in a more synoptic manner, with short analyses from specialists. In the future, several data sources will be connected in order to show interrelations.

By using interactive graphics and clear search and filter possibilities, the site is easy to use. It enables policy makers, accountants, journalists, entrepreneurs in the agrofood sector and other stakeholders to find the information they need and to download for own use.

Dutch agriculture

The Dutch agricultural sector is known internationally for its expertise and skills. The Netherlands is the second exporter of agricultural products worldwide and in 2012 the total agrofood sector contributed 9% of value added to the Dutch economy. Besides primary agriculture, the total agrofood sector encompasses processing and distribution of agricultural products, and the supply of products and services needed such as energy, fertiliser and business services.