Press release

Justus Wesseler (et al): The Plant Protection Products (PPP) Sector in the European Union

Published on
May 22, 2017

The policy debates on plant protection products (PPPs) in the European Union (EU) are dominated by the environmental implications of crop protection (in particular, the use of herbicides) and the concentration of the herbicide industry. This article aims at presenting an overview of the patterns herbicide usage over time between and within European countries, and an overview of the industry structure.

A Special View on Herbicides

Potential determinants driving some of these differences are discussed, such as the recent PPP policies adopted by the EU. Results show that herbicides are the most important input used in crop protection, but regional differences are substantial. The concentration of the industry is high, but below levels that would raise concerns by EU regulators. The sector is also highly regulated, which contributes to a high concentration and a consequent decline in innovations. This ļ¬nding challenges the possibility of substituting bans of activity ingredients in herbicides with alternative solutions.