KM4D journal special issue on Multi-stakeholder Processes

Published on
January 17, 2014

The latest issue of the Knowledge Management for Development Journal is now online. It is a special issue with the theme: Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes – balancing internal dynamics and institutional politics.

The issue focuses on the connection between the knowledge function in knowledge management for development (KM4D) and the facilitation function within multi-stakeholder processes (MSPs). It is based on a growing recognition within the development sector that complex problems cannot be solved by one single actor. This recognition has resulted in a growing practice in development projects and programmes in which different actors try to find new ways of collaborating. Among the contributions are practical cases in which a combination of different actors address common problems or critical issues, requiring new types of knowledge and practice.

The issue has been put together by a team of guest editors of Wageningen UR (Herman Brouwer, Jan Brouwers, Karen Buchanan and Mirjam Schaap from the Centre for Development Innovation, and Laurens Klerkx from the Knowledge Technology and Innovation group) and Ewen Le Borgne from ILRI, who is one of KM4D’s senior editors.

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