Keuzegids labels 20 Wageningen University masters as ‘top-quality programmes’

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17 februari 2014

Wageningen University is the best place in the Netherlands to get a master’s degree, according to the Dutch study choice guide ‘Keuzegids Masters’. This guide, issued by the Dutch Higher Education Information Centre (CHOI), ranked twenty of Wageningen University’s master programmes as ‘Top-quality programmes’.

Educational experts praise Wageningen

Evaluations by students and educational experts are important components of the Keuzegids’ assessment, and the educational experts at the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation were even more enthusiastic about Wageningen University than the students.

Wageningen University number 1 again

The Keuzegids Universiteiten, which compares bachelor programmes in the Netherlands, has qualified Wageningen University as the “Best university in the Netherlands” for nine consecutive years. This is the third year that Wageningen University takes up first place in the guide for master programmes since the start of the guide’s publication in 2010.

Top-quality programmes

The Keuzegids evaluated 26 of the 29 master programmes in Wageningen, out of these programmes, 20 were ranked as top-quality programmes. Biosystems Engineering was even ranked top-quality twice, once in the category Agriculture and once in the category Construction Sciences. The guide assessed over 730 programmes across the Netherlands, and 82 programmes were awarded the title ‘top-quality programme’. Small programmes tended to receive higher scores, but at Wageningen University, the larger programmes also received good evaluations.

The top-quality programmes at Wageningen University according to the Keuzegids Masters 2014: