Kick-Off in Jakarta of Indonesian Dutch programme on Food Security Poultry and Dairy

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4 december 2014

On November 25th, 2014 the official start of the Indonesian-Dutch programme on Food Security in relation to Poultry and Dairy took place at the Ministry of Agriculture in Jakarta. The official opening by the Director of Animal Feed, dr Mursyid, in the presence of the Dutch Agricultural counsellor, Mrs. Lucie Wassink, was followed by a series of workshops on the implementation of the programme. A delegation of Wageningen-UR attended the kick-off meeting to present the sub-projects and to discuss the work plan for the oncoming years with implementation partners.

This programme was developed after an identification mission in 2013 had identified some obstacles that block the development of the two livestock sectors: food safety and unsustainable slaughtering and broiler production in the small scale poultry sector and poor feeding practices in the dairy sector. The programme aims at improving the food security situation for livestock products. The development of the programme was the result of a collaboration between researchers from Wageningen UR research institutes, the Indonesian government and private partners. The Central Veterinary Institute, part of Wageningen UR, is the contract partner for implementation which is funded by the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta.

The implementation plans involve setting up pilot projects based on public private partnerships that involves input from Dutch and Indonesian private partners, government and universities. For some of the subprojects the expected outputs are innovations which are adapted to the local situation that will allow local farmers and other stakeholders to develop businesses on the basis of sound economic incentives.

For the dairy sector the focus will be on feed management and availability of good quality feed. In the current situation there exists a shortage of fodder and good quality concentrate. A collaboration with dairy cooperatives and a feed producing company will ensure a long term perspective to guarantee access for farmers to good quality concentrate. Capacity building on feed management is essential to optimize milk yields for individual farmers. Bram Wouters (WLR) is the project leader for this sub-project.

Poultry is the main source of animal protein for the Indonesian population and the demand for poultry meat and eggs is growing with the increase of income levels in Indonesia. Current slaughtering practices and marketing of poultry meat create huge safety risks and environmental problems in especially urban areas. The transition of these practices into a more modern value chain is seen as essential to guarantee food security. 

For the poultry project the focus will be on consumer awareness campaigns and scenario studies on the development of the poultry sector (Gemma Tacken, LEI), a transition of current poultry processing and marketing practices (Ivo Claassen, CVI), and the development of innovations and capacity building to improve broiler production performance (Sander Lourens, WLR).

CDI is involved for Monitoring and Evaluation of the programme (Marlene Roefs). Overall programme management will be by Frank Joosten (LEI).