Knowledge base moved

Published on
March 22, 2011

Since the beginning of March, the Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren (Knowledge base Farm Animal Genetic Resources) and the Kennisbank Plantaardige bronnen (Knowledge base Plant Genetic Resources) have been added to the subject page Agrobiodiversiteit (Agro-biodiversity) on the Groen Kennisnet (Green Knowledge Net). On the Agro-biodiversity webpage, you can subscribe to the newsletter of both databases.

The Kennisbank Plantaardige Bronnen is a database with articles from professional and scientific journals, books, films and websites on the diversity of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, with a focus on old varieties and forgotten crops. The Kennisbank Zeldzame landbouwhuisdieren focuses on genetic diversity in domestic animals.

The knowledge bases are being assembled by staff from Wageningen UR Library’s Digital Production Centre (DPC) department at the request of the Centre for Genetic Resources, The Netherlands (CGN). The databases are especially aimed at a broad target group in education, from primary education to postgraduate education. The databases also target associations of private growers and amateur breeders.

(newsletter 2-2011)