2012-2013 yearbook of the Landscape Architecture Group

Published on
July 22, 2014

A record of the activities of the Landscape Architecture Group from Wageningen UR from July 2012 to December 2013.

Introduction by Professor Adri van den Brink

This booklet describes the teaching, research and other activities of Wageningen University’s Landscape Architecture Group from summer 2012 until the end of 2013. We are proud of the achievements and wider services to society we have made during this period. In retrospect, those eighteen months have been important ones for us. Not only have we reaped the rewards (publications, graduated students and contributions to professional practice) of the seeds sown in previous years, but we were also able to sow new seeds in the form of new research projects and new members of staff.

Our mission is to understand the present and future challenges, both local and global, facing the landscape in the Netherlands and abroad, and to contribute to finding solutions to these challenges through landscape architecture and urban design. These challenges include climate change, the transition to renewable energy, food security, water management, sustainable development, enhancing ecosystem services, preserving biodiversity, and urbanisation. We believe it is essential to base design interventions on the results of sound research into the nature of these challenges, and so we educate and train our students to become thoughtful, responsive and well-equipped researchers and practitioners. Our core competence is recognising and analysing the various scales of complexity and dynamics in landscape systems and proposing meaningful and imaginative design solutions.

On behalf of all of us in the Landscape Architecture Group I hope you enjoy reading about our work and feel the inspiration that guides us.

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