Launch of the Food Systems Think Tank

Published on
October 9, 2018

October 9, 15:30 - 17:00, Impulse

From production to consumption, food systems are characterized by multiple interactions among different dimensions of human well-being and nature conservation. Each of us in the academic community, design and implement research in one or more these dimensions but have typically limited resources (time, knowledge, networks etc.) to expand our view to other dimensions of these complex systems. Aiming at addressing these limitations and building on the interest of WUR to strengthen and expand interdisciplinary research on food systems, the Food Systems Think Tank is intended to promote and organize regular knowledge-sharing and thought-provocative meetings to discuss emerging topics and challenging questions on the food-system implications of food related research.

This initiative is supported by WUR and is being promoted by an interdisciplinary group of researchers from Plant Sciences, Environmental Policy, Human Nutrition and Development Economics. In the launching event, confirmed keynote speakers will include  Frederike Praasterink (Lector Future Food Systems, HAS University of Applied Sciences), Peter Oosterveer (ENP-group), and Ruerd Ruben ( WUR Economic Research).

WUR Contacts: Linda Verhuizen (Plant Sciences), Laura Trijsburg (Human Nutrition), Raffaele Vignola (Environmental Policy), Mekonnen Daniel (Economic Research), Melesse Mequanint (Development Economics).