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15 mei 2019

Each individual is different. People differ not only genetically, physically and mentally but also in terms of their knowledge, habits, preferences and the social environment in which they live. The advice given to one does not necessarily suit another. New research insights, innovation and future perspectives with regard to personal nutrition and health contribute to the further development of optimized food for every individual. The PNH consortium contributes to the topic and will share it's findings this autumn.

PNH Consortium

The consortium Personalised Nutrition & Health, an initiative of TNO and Wageningen University & Research, is researching the technology and knowledge needed to make personalised food and health advice possible on a large scale. Consumers would then be able to decide for themselves what is healthy for them, while companies can add new value and help society to become a little healthier.

European Conference PNH

On October 8th 2019, the first European Conference Personalised Nutrition and Health brings together science, health and industry business to discuss the latest developments, innovations and possible next steps in the nutrition, health and food world. Exclusively we will reflect on the results of three years researching technology and knowledge, in name of the consortium to give it more value and be specific where science (TNO-WUR) and a variety of companies worked closely together to make the knowledge as applicable for scaling up as possible.

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If you want to know more about the translation of first class scientific knowledge into evidence based applications with great impact for a healthy society, join the first European Conference Personalised Nutrition & Health. Read more about the PNH consortium and conference.