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Learn to innovate in free online course

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23 september 2014

A Massive Open Online Course to acquire innovation skills starts on 8 October 2014. Wageningen University organises one of the six modules. This module, from 2 till 15 November, is about solving problems that are blocking successful innovation, understanding how learning processes work and implementing innovations through change management.

Participation in the ten-week MOOC Solution and Innovation Skills is free of charge and open to everyone. The contents of this course have been developed within the European research project LLLight in Europe. Participants in this project are, among others, Zeppelin University (Germany), Harvard Business School, University of Luxembourg and Wageningen University. The MOOC has been developed under the guidance of Leuphana University, which already has a bit more experience in developing online courses.

Lectures will be given by renowned academics and professionals. Thomas Lans, lecturer at the Wageningen University chair group Education and Competence Studies, takes care of the education programme during the third module, which he has developed in collaboration with PhD candidate Yvette Baggen.

In January first Wageningen MOOCs

In January 2015 the first MOOCs will start on edX that are fully developed by Wageningen University. Already, it is possible to register for these first two Wageningen MOOCs: Introduction to Nutrition - Food for Health and Growing our Future Food: Crops.

Massive Open Online Courses

‘Food for Health’ is an eight-week course and to follow this course will cost about six to eight hours of work per week. Basic knowledge of biology is enough to enter this course, the organisers state on the edX website. Professor Sander Kersten is responsible for this MOOC.

‘Growing our Future Food’ is meant for people that are interested in plant sciences. Basic knowledge of biology is required. To do this course requires four to eight hours per week for the duration of six weeks. The lecturer is Professor Ken Giller.

Wageningen University certificate

Both Wageningen MOOCs are free of charge, but for a small fee it is also possible to register for a 'verified certification'. This means that participants will receive a certificate of Wageningen University if they complete the course successfully.

(Participants of the MOOC Solution and Innovation Skills will be issued a certification of Leuphana University, not of Wageningen University.)