Lecture for the 'Universiteit van Nederland'

Published on
February 22, 2018

On January 23rd Niels gave a lecture for the 'Universiteit van Nederland' (University of the Netherlands), which is an online forum where scientists give public lectures about trending topics in science, a bit like Ted Talks.

Niels talked about the potential of diverse cropping systems, especially intercropping, for our food production of the future. Intercropping has many advantages in terms of yields and resource-use, it was also the dominant form of agriculture for many societies in the past including many pre-Colombian American societies like the Mayans. But it is not common in our contemporary farming in the west because of technological limitations. However, modern technology may be able to solve this issue. Thus, can we combine the smart tricks of past societies with current advanced technology for our food production of the future?

You can view the lecture (only in Dutch) on the page of the Universiteit van Nederland.