Letter from Outgoing Chair, Jessica Duncan

Published on
July 2, 2020

As we move into an era of even greater uncertainty, it feels significant to pass over the leadership of the WYA to a very motivated team of Kevin Matson (Co-Chair), Sylvia Brugman (Co-Chair), and Franzel van Duijnhoven (Secretary). I would like to thank Louis de Vet and Maarten Smulders for Co-Chairing with me and for making the job so easy, and Sophie van der Lubbe for her ongoing, steady support. I would like to also thank the members, past and present, for their support and ongoing commitment.

Reflecting on the last couple of years, I am particularly proud of our achievements: from having invited prestigious speakers, to engaging actively and effectively on university policy, working to make WUR more inclusive and open (e.g. ‘you are welcome here’ campaign), and playing a leading role in the Strategic Alliance.  As I pass over the Chair role, and serve my final last year on the WYA, I remain hopeful and excited. The future is bright and we are positioned to play a big part in it!