Library chooses discovery tool

Published on
January 12, 2011

Since 2010, discovery products have been on the market. These products aim at allowing a user to search as many of a library's resources as possible. Unlike a catalogue, the discovery tool also retrieves the content of journals (articles) and books (chapters). Such a product can not only replace the catalogue but may also make several bibliographies obsolete in the future.

Unlike ‘federated searching’ from MetaLib, the discovery tool does not search in different sources and then combine the results. The discovery tool is one index and thus offers a much faster response with a Google-like search experience. Furthermore, the index is largely based on the full text of publications, which greatly increases the search possibilities.

After extensively researching different products, Wageningen UR Library agreed at the end of January to accept an offer from Ex Libris to purchase the Primo central. Primo is easy and quick and covers our journal collection well. It has extensive possibilities to configure the user interface and to help index local databases such as our catalogue.

The library intends to begin using this discovery tool during 2011. Look at how Primo central is being used at the library of Vanderbilt University.

    (newsletter 2-2011)