Library support 'For PhD candidates'

Published on
July 2, 2018

The Library presents the new 'For PhD candidates' web pages. 'For PhDs' helps you with searching and organising your literature and data. The topics are extensively covered, with specific information relevant for PhDs.

On the new web pages you'll find Library courses, information about publishing parts of your thesis and how to submit your thesis to the Library.

We organise monthly introduction sessions for PhD candidates and courses on Searching and organising literature. You can get help with EndNote or Mendeley or with choosing the proper database for your literature search. Find out how to use the databases, how to create alerts, and how to stay up to date with developments in your field.

Library support

For specific questions, find a Library staff member who can help you with certain library services (e.g. data management and EndNote). For field-dependent questions, you can consult an information specialist with a background in one of the WUR Science Groups.

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