'Life Sciences' deposit portal for research data

Published on
September 4, 2012

Because of the data fraud at Tilburg University and the more recent data scandal at Erasmus University, archiving and accessing research data has become an important priority.

Wageningen UR Library is working on different fronts to set up facilities that can support Wageningen researchers in the process of archiving and making research data accessible. For this reason, the Library offers the possibility in the Wageningen e-depot to sustainably save small data sets that are directly related to a publication. At the moment, the Library and the Wageningen Graduate Schools are discussing access rights and the intellectual property issues of research data.

In the last half year, the Library and the NWO/KNAW organisation DANS have set up a portal to be able to deposit and archive research data from the Life Sciences. In July 2012, this portal became available and is especially designed for datasets of (completed) research projects.

One of the goals of archiving research data is to give peer reviewers access to datasets. So far, 29 Wageningen UR datasets have been deposited in the portal. Wageningen UR Library offers support in depositing data in the portal, with metadata and data documentation. We also advise on data accessibility.


(newsletter 5-2012)