Line-up International Dairy Nutrition Symposium online

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2 juni 2014

Seven experts from the Netherlands and abroad will present their vision on “Strategies towards a quota-free dairy production”, the theme of this year’s International Dairy Nutrition Symposium.

The symposium is organised by the Centre for Animal Nutrition together with Balchem Corporation, Diamond V, FrieslandCampina and the Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences in Wageningen, the Netherlands on Thursday, 16 October 2014.

Prospects for dairy industry

The first two speakers of the day will share their view on prospects for dairy industry. Ruud Huirne (director Food & Agri, Rabobank) will focus on opportunities and threats, risk management and the financial position of dairy farmers, followed by Yvonne van der Vorst (FrieslandCampina) focussing on the dairy chain of the future, milk quality and nutrition (grazing, feed quality).

Professor Imke de Boer (Wageningen University, chair group of Animal Production Systems) will continue with the environmental impact of dairy industry and its effects on the dairy sector.

Increasing feed demands

After lunch, two speakers will address the subject of “increasing feed demands” that accompany the growth of dairy industry. Gert van Duinkerken (Wageningen UR Livestock Research, department of Animal Nutrition) will discuss the production of home-grown feeds, followed by Francisco Ysunza (Diamond V) with an overview on improving on-farm forage management and efficiency.

Ilan Halachmi (Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Israel) will start the final session of the day with smart dairy farming: technological solutions to improve dairy management in large herds, followed by Greg Bethard (G&R Dairy Consulting, USA) with his view on future large scale dairy production in practice.


More information including the online registration procedure can be found at the symposium website