Logo design contest

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21 januari 2020
Design a new logo for WIMEK and win €250

The WIMEK PhD Council felt like it was time for WIMEK to update their current logo. We would like you, its members, to have input on what it should be. Therefore, we are organizing a competition where you can submit your design for a new WIMEK logo and win €250.
So do you have graphics skills you would like to share? Then get creative and design a new logo for the WIMEK Graduate School.

What should the logo include?

We’re looking for a new, fresh design that symbolizes what WIMEK stands for: the Graduate School for Environment and Climate Research. It would be nice to see those two topics come back in the logo graphically. An important requirement is that the logo should include the word ‘WIMEK’ written in capitals and clearly readable.

How can I join the competition?

Each WIMEK PhD Candidate is allowed to submit multiple logos. The logo must be submitted digitally, but there is no requirement on file type. And don’t forget to add a description of the logo you are submitting. If you would like to submit multiple logos, then please compile all of them in a single file with an explanation of the design and then send the compiled document to us.

Please send your designs with the necessary explanation of the logo before March 1st 2020 to The designer of the winning logo will be contacted by e-mail after the winning design has been selected.

Competition rules

  • The winning logo will be used as blueprint for the final new WIMEK logo. The definitive logo will be made by a professional graphic design company in various versions: colour, black and white, transparent, with and without caption, and in diverse formats/resolutions etc. This means that we cannot guarantee that the final logo will be completely identical to the winning design.
  • The jury choosing the winning logo will consist of the WIMEK Director, WIMEK Secretary, WIMEK PhD advisor, a communication advisor and a member of the WIMEK PhD Council.
  • The participant may not have any affiliations with the members of the jury which could influence the decision-making process.
  • The submitted design should be an original work. Any designs that violate copywrite will not be considered.
  • If none of the entrees is found suitable by the jury, it is justified to refrain from choosing a winner.
  • Before the price money is awarded to the winner, they should agree in writing that the creative rights on the logo are transferred to WIMEK.
  • Only WIMEK PhD Candidates can take part in this competition.