Lunchmeeting: Towards FAIR Food System Data

Published on
June 27, 2019

Data is of increasing importance to global agriculture and nutrition stakeholders for research, business and regulation in our Food System. More and more of this data is becoming publicly available as open data without any restrictions for reuse. However, currently the vast majority of data is not findable and most of the times if findable it is not accessible. In order to unlock the potential of this data we need to make data Findable, Accessible, Interopeble and Reusable (FAIR).

At the lunchmeeting in the Speaking Corner on June 24 Ben Schaap informed the audience about the importance of FAIR data. Although the FAIR principles have been adopted by
the open science movement and governments throughout the world, we now need to make them a reality. The Farm Data Train visualizes
the potential of making the FAIR data principles a reality on the subject of
on-farm data where the data from sensors for example can be re-used by

The GO FAIR Food Systems Implementation Network (IN) is set up by GODAN to exchange the most used practices for making data FAIR. They do this within the agriculture and nutrition domains and accross sectors with the other IN’s from other sectors. Currently the Food Systems IN members are collecting the most used resources practices on standards for metadata, ontologies, tools (software) for example. These resources and practices will be shared for broader adoption.