Published on
January 12, 2005

In 2003 Wageningen UR started the METIS program to register data about research input and output. In the first place METIS is intended to generate management information for internal use. In addition it can also serve to present selected data about projects and publications to the outside world. You can find the Wageningen version of this presentation module, METIS Consult, here.

The basis of METIS is to provide data about organisation, staff and research activities in the form of projects and programmes. Information about input (FTEs) and output (especially publications) is also coupled to this.

The data from METIS are also used as input for other information systems:

  • Research projects are included in the Nederlandse Onderzoeks Databank
  • Twice a week publications are converted to WaY (Wageningen Yield), a database containing all Wageningen publications, including those before the METIS era. Using WaY, faculty groups, institutes and staff can easily generate a list of their publications or make a link to thes publications on their own website
  • Staff and their colleagues can be seen via Metis in We@WUR. Recent publications and research projects can be viewed if you have filled in a isiting card containing keywords together with your own field of expertise in We@WUR.

Wageningen UR Library is responsible for the functional application management of METIS and plays a coordinating and supporting role in keeping the system up to date. Development is in progress for the introduction of projects.

    (newsletter 4-2005)