Maarten Smulders' work features in the 2016 Emerging Investigators Issue of Chem.Comm.

Published on
July 4, 2016

Recent work from former ORC postdoc Fátima García and visiting MSc student Jānis Pelšs has recently been published in the RSC journal Chemical Communications. The article features in the 2016 Emerging Investigators issue for which principle investigator, Maarten Smulders, was invited.

In their contribution the authors explore the use of dynamic bonds in the preparation of smart polymer materials, i.e. materials that can adapt and respond to their environment. Such materials offer great promise in the use of, for example, self-healing or malleable materials. The authors achieve this responsive behaviour by the introduction of so-called dynamic covalent metal-pincer complexes in the material. While these pincers can hold on tightly to a metal ion, the overall complex is still dynamic, meaning that the outside substituents on the pincer can be still exchanged; a transformation which is not possible in classic pincer complexes.

The full paper can be read on the RSC website. This work was funded through an NWO Veni grant to Maarten Smulders.